Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wall Art and more- Pictures of St. Thomas and The Bahamas

When you think of travel posters, what do you think of? Probably vintage advertising posters from resorts, airlines, and cruise lines. Yes, you can still get those, either originals (if you can find them) or quality reproductions.

But, what about scenes from some of your favorite destinations in poster size or large prints on canvas? These make wonderful wall art for many rooms. For example, imagine these two on bedroom walls... the butterfly for a girl's room, and the iguana for a boy's room:

Butterfly in Tropical Leaves Print print Iguana at St. Thomas Print print

Yes, they're both travel photo / posters of a sort. Both are photos from St. Thomas, in the Virgin Islands, and both are highlighted in an article about items featuring Saint Thomas Pictures and designs.

The poster sized calendar at the top of this post is featured in an article about items with Photos of the Bahamas on them... from everyday items like tote bags, shirts, and mugs, to things like skateboards and iPhone cases. Here are a couple of examples:
Lighthouse Photos iPhone 3G Case speckcase  Flats Fishing Poster by Burton Mcneely print

There's another one article that you might like, too, called Pictures of Saint Lucia.