Friday, April 29, 2011

Mother's Day Reminder

Better Hurry!  Mother's Day is a week from Sunday.  If you are ordering on line, you need to get your order in ASAP!

And, here are several of my Squidoo Lenses that have some things on them that might give you some good Mother's Day Gift Ideas:

2 - Mother's Day and Father's Day Gift Ideas
3 - Hot Folks Cards and Gifts
4 - Pictures of The Bahamas

An alternative is to look into a gift card that can be electronically delivered.  Here are two:

1 - Save 10% on WaySpa Gift Certificates - Gift certificates that can be used at thousands of day spas all over the country. Their site lets you search to see those near you that accept these gift certificates.

2 - Mother's Day Personalized Gift Cards A personalized Visa gift card to spend anywhere she pleases.