Saturday, April 9, 2011

Make Mom or Dad into a Bobblehead

With both Mother's Day and Father's Day coming up, everyone will be looking for the perfect gift for Mom or maybe a really unique gift for Dad.  Here's something I ran across recently that I just had to pass on to you.

Custom Bobbleheads

Custom bobbleheads!  Yes, you can make a bobblehead of Mom or Dad - or anyone, really!  Can you imagine the look on their face when you present it to them on their special day?  That alone would be worth a LOT.  (Be sure to have a camera ready)

There are two types of Custom Bobbleheads offered - a Personalized Bobblehead with a standard body or a Fully Customized Bobblehead.  There's a large assortment of 'standard' bodies to choose from - golfer, female executive, doctor, soldier, superhero, or cook, to name just a few.

You upload photos for the company to work from so that the head is made to look like you or your recipient.  On the fully customizable bobblehead, they work from the photo(s) you upload for the whole doll, instead of just the head.

If you want one for Mother's Day, you need to hurry, and you may even have to pay for expediting, since these are totally hand sculpted.  But, there's time to get one for Father's Day using their standard time frame.

If bobbleheads aren't exactly what you had in mind, here are some other ideas for Mothers Day gifts.