Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Neat Gift Idea for Mom, Dad, or Both

Does Mom or Dad have a photo that is their absolute favorite? 
Maybe for  it's an old photo of the kids when they were young, or one of Dad holding that big fish he caught.  
Or, maybe there's a photo Mom took herself that she just loves - you know, the one that "looks just like a picture postcard."

How thrilled would they be to have a large version of that photo on canvas, just like the work of art that it is, to hang on their living room, den, or office wall?

You can make that happen! 
You'll need to have a copy of that photo on your computer - do you?  Then, you're ready.  And yes, there's still time to get it by Mother's Day if you go ahead and get started in the next several days. 

Just click on the graphical ad at the top of this post, and to go to, and get a free 8"x10" or $50.00 off on your wall art.
Upload that special photo to their website andthey'll create the wall art for you. Special effects, like sepia-toning are available,  if you want, along with optional framing.

Make Mother's Day, Father's Day, a birthday or anniversary special this year with a piece of canvas wall art made from their favorite photo.

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