Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mary Russel Scores a Hit

We've been following the saga of Mary Russel, and her book-in-the-making for a while now, and are exxited to report that she has hit the big time! YES, our friend Mary is now a published author!
KUDOS to you, Mary.
Getting something published is a daunting task, and takes lots of time, effort, and patience- to say nothing of talent and ability, but mary has perservered, and made it.
Got kids? Then get this book!
Available here in softcover, Flickertail and Paint, Barnyard Sleuths is a collection of "heartwarming and sometimes funny" stories starring Flickertail the Llama, and Piant the Horse, who help their barnyard friends solve mysteries and find solutions to problems through teamwork, friendship, and love. It may be written for kids, but it's one of those books that adults will appreciate, too!


Diana's said...

This is great news !
Yes, this book will be a wonderful gift for just about anyone.

Organically Yours,

maryrussel said...

Thank you so much for this well written promotion of my book. :) Almost makes me want to buy my own book.