Monday, July 11, 2011

Just HAD to Review this Product: Aurora Shredder

My paper shredder heaved its last ho earlier this month, and no one should be without a paper shredder in this day and age!  (I dentity thieves will mine your trash for any little identifying piece of information, and a little bit is all they need)
I an Aurora AS810SD Shredder at onAmazon, and it shreds  credit cards and CD's as well as paper.  The price was good, and I ordered it.

When it came, at first I thought I may have made a purchase I would end up regretting, and was a somewhat upset. But the problem ended up turning into a pleasant surprise! Here's a link to my  Review of the Aurora AS810SD Shredder... I was happy to write this review.  It would be a shame for someone else to think they had a problem, when it isn't a problem at all.