Friday, September 3, 2010

More Little Things: Magnets

I received some really nice feedback on my last post, titled "Little Things Can Mean a Lot." So, I thought I would highlight a few more little things this time. Fair warning... some are mine. But, some are not. Enjoy!

Apparently, these little things are all the rage at some shools this year. The kids are collecting them to display on the inside of their locker doors, and they come in an almost infinate variety of designs. My friend, Shelly, has been very busy designing lots and lots of them over at her Zazzle site, KJ's Creations. Here are some samples:

Masterpiece Magnets

Now, Materpiece Magnets are my brainchild. But the magnets themselves (at TropiCards) are NOT the masterpieces. Instead, they are meant to be used in displaying the masterpieces of your kids, grandkids, or whomever. They come in styles for holding artwork, school papers, awards, or just to use by themselves as a way to recognize an accomplishment. Some are customizable with the child's name and accomplishment. Here are several of them:

Save the Date Magnets
Save the Date Magnets are big for up coming wedings, but Ii've heard of them being used for other impirtant dates, as well. these particular ones are from another friend, Lora Severson, who is quite a prolific designer at Zazzle. Most her magnets feature her excellent photography, and others have nice graphical designs. Have a look at some of them!

All of the above custom magnet designs are produced by Zazzle, so you can rest assured of their professional quality printing. You can even order just one, even the personalized ones, and discounts start at just 10 magnets