Saturday, September 25, 2010

AAAARRRRGH! Pirate Loot, Matey

Pirates are very popular these days.. not only with childrren, but also with young adults, and the yount at heart. Now, I'm not talking about the real life nasty tuhugss operating largely off the coast of eastern Afria, but the funny ones... pirate cartoons, pirate movies, pirate parties, and pirate themed gear and costumes. So, today, i'm featuring some pirate 'loot' that you can buy on line.

Suppose you want to dress as a pirate for a hallowen party? It's fairly easy to find - or put together - a child's pirate costume, but what if you need one for a grown up party? may have the answer for you. They have several choices in adult pirate costumes ... from traditioinal to slightly sexy. And you can get pirate party mints there, too.

Probably the most popular pirates in recnt years are the ones from the Disney movies starring Johnny Depp. You can get officially licensed Pirates of the Caribbean themed gifts at Zazzle. The offerings there include the Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow with Gun poster pictured at top, as well as shirts, mugs, mousepads, and even postage stamps, with the famous characters on them.

Finally, here are some pirate party supplies - customizable pirate party invitations and matching stamps, envelope seals, magnets and pinback buttons - that I've designed, based on a photo I took of a 'pirate' ship in the Caribbean... all of the items come in three color choices...

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maryrussel said...

What fun! Makes me want to throw a pirate themed Halloween party.