Sunday, August 15, 2010

Summer Fun: Thanks for the Summer Fun!

If you've received a gift this summer, or spent some time visiting in someone's home, and owe them a little Thank You note or gift, please consider making up a custom card from TropiCards, and sending it along with a small matching token of appreciation. Here are some examples from my TropiCards gallery -

If the kids spent a week with the Grandma this summer, how thrilled would Nana and be to get a personalized Thank You card with her name on the front, and a peronal message from the grandkids inside? Pair it with a matching keychain with either the words "Thank You" or their special name for their grandmother, and she'll be thrilled. She'll love showing it off so everyone will know how special and thoughtful her grandchildrn are!

Here's a Thank You card that's a little different, but I love it, because I'm a cat lover. If you need to express some appreciation to someone in your life who is also fond of felines, this Cat-in-Grass Thank You Card just might do the trick! You could combine it with a matching item, like the Cat in Grass mousepad shown here, for a gift that's sure to please. Cat-in-grass even has his mouth slightly open, as if he's thanking the recipient.

Finallly, a for a guy, here's a card that is fully customizable for any occasion, including a thank you, birthday, congratulations or ______. My Fishing Boat Card, shows a boat waiting in the waters of the Yucatan... Send it alone, or along with a fishing boat mug that is customizable with a short text message on either side of the photo, and a date underneath. What a great end of season gift for a coach of a summer sports team!