Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summer Fun: Funny Shirts

Have some fun with funny t shirts! I've been seeing quite a few humorous ones on Zazzle lately, and wanted to share several with you now.

Real Men Use Duct Tape (show above) was designed by my friend, Shelly, and she tells me it's a pretty hot seller. You can see why. Find it at her Zazzle Gallery, where she has a special category of products with humorous sayings on them.

Now, I just love puns and other word-play, and I'm also a cat lover, so this one really caught my fancy earlier this morning. It's called Purritto, and I thought the designer at sdgrafx (another zazle gallery) did a really good joh with a cute idea. This design is also available on an apron, among other things.

And, finally, I want to get in a plug for something I designed. My own attempt at humor on a shirt may not seem quite as funny to you, unless you are a regular cruiser, and then you'll get the little inside joke on this Hey Captain, I wanna DRIVE shirt. I have other 'I wanna Drive' products, too, including shirt style for ladies, kids, plus babies, hats, buttons, name badges, and tote bags, too atmy gallery, CruiseReady on Zazzle. There's even a special button for Red Hatters.

Hope you've enjoyed seeing these lighthearted shirts... I may find a few more to share later in the month.


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Elle said...

These are great! I need the first shirt (though of course I'd want it to say "real women"). I use tape for everything! I fixed my nightstand with it. LOL!

AndThenThis said...

Elle -
If you contace the designer, I'm sure she would be glad to accomodate that request! She's very easy to work with, and I don't think it would be a big deal for her to do that for you. Go to her main store page (click on the link in this post to get there quickly) and you'll find a link to contact her from there.