Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Has Sprung and Summer's a Comin

The first day of spring has come and gone, and summer isn't far away.  What does that mean?

Texas in my Heart BBQ Apron
 Time to fire up the grill for all those spring and summer barbecues! 

There are dozens of perfect occasions in spring and summer for throwing a backyard barbeque.  The first ones that usually come ti mind are the patriotic holidays, like Memorial Day and Independence Day.  But  don't rule out other spring and summer holidays, either.

Plan a barbecue or two this year, and make it a time to remember.  Whatever the occasions you choose... even if it's just a "hey, it's the weekend" party, you'll want to be ready.  Make it special with some Fun Barbeque Aprons and Other Essentials for the Outdoor Chef.

Of course, you don't really NEED an excuse to invite friends over for a cookout.   But, if you would like to know what excuses some others are using, here are some - and customizable invitations to go with them.

A   Military Send-off  or a summer birthday:
Military Send Off Party Invitation zazzle_invitation Barbeque Party Invitation zazzle_invitation

LEFT: Military Send Off Party Invitation by cowboyannie - RIGHT: Barbeque Party Invitation by Lilleaf

Steaks on the grill are quite popular for graduation parties, and some people are even opting for outdoor rehersal dinners with barbeque .
Graduation Summer BBQ Barbeque Party zazzle_invitation Rehearsal Dinner BBQ Invitations zazzle_invitation

LEFT: Graduation Summer BBQ Barbeque Party by claire_shearer - RIGHT: Rehearsal Dinner BBQ Invitations by Western_Invitations