Monday, November 14, 2011

Splashes of Warm Colors for Fall and Thanksgiving

Add little splashes of warm colors for fall and Thanksgiving decorating on a budget.  Little things like fall trivets, magnets, and coasters can add a festive touch without breaking the bank.

Some people go all out decorating for each season and holiday.  But, if you don't have lots of extra decor items on hand, that can be a prohibitively expensive proposition in today's tough economy.
squirrels in the pumpkin patch magnet Vermont Autumn magnet

So...  go small!  Just invest in a few inexpensive items with, say a fall or Thanksgiving theme on them.  You can then add a few more next year.  If you choose items in warm fall colors, you needen't even get things specifically for Thanksgiving, which you'd only use for a few days.
Cork Coaster Early American Theme corkcoaster A Walk Through The Park Cork Coaster corkcoaster

Here's a 16" x 16" poster that's absolutely beautiful, and affordable, too!
Autumn Reflections print

And, on a related note, here's an idea for an inexpensive and healthy beverage that everyone will enjoy at your family's holiday dinners -  Iced Cinnamon Tea.