Saturday, November 26, 2011

Posters for Kids' Rooms

I have two new articles on Squidoo that might be of interest to anyone with kids.

Posters for Little Kids Rooms is a selection of posters and wall decals for little boys and little girls - everything from trains and baseball to fairies and unicorns.  Also ideas for motivational and educational posters for this age group.  The wall decals are just fabulous, since they require no glue, and can be removed or repositoned without leaving gooey stuff on the wall. 

 A similar page, but for older kids is called Posters for Kids' Rooms - Teens and Tweens.  More great posters at nice, affordable prices, that you can buy on line, and not have to search through a mall to find.  As the name would imply, the posters and wall decals in this collection are selected especially for their appeal to teens and tweens.

Please do stop by and give these articles a read, and leave a comment there, if you'd like.  (I sure would like it)