Monday, August 1, 2011

Pictures of Hurricanes - Weather as an Art Theme

You might be surprised at how often weather - especially severe weather - has inspired works of art and design themes.  August has just begun. This is the month when hurricane activity usually increases in the tropics, so I think it's a good time to mention Pictures of Hurricanes and Storm Pictures.

Pictures of Hurricanes is a little page I've put together to showcase weather as an art theme.   Among other things, it presents the work of some artists whose photos and graphics are sometimes quite striking.  I think you'll be impressed!  While you're there, vote for your favorite. 

And, on the subject of hurricane season, I'd like to also mention the brave crews of the hurricane hunters.  They must have nerves of steel to fly right into the middle of ferocious storm systems.  Hurricane Hunters - Heroes Fly into the Eye of the Storm  is my little tribute to them. 

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