Sunday, July 24, 2011

Product Review of Digital Camera Battery Charger

If you have lost the charger for your digital camera, and the camera uses those little square lithium batteries, I have some good news for you - so good, in fact, that I was prompted to write a review of the one I finally found.

Why I was prompted to write a Sony Cybershot Battery Charger product review:  
I left the orignal charger for my Sony Cybershot Camera on a ship, and was unable to retrieve it.  (Big surprise there, right?) 

After buying one locally that was not only shockingly expensive, but also cumbersome to use, I found one on Amazon for a fraction of the price that was easier to use, and it has been working like a charm! 

If you are needing a new charger  - this one works for a variety of digital cameras - I hope my review will help you!

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