Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mid Winter Pick-Me-Ups

Have you got the winter blahs? Or, does someone you know seem a little down? Winter can be depressing, and this one's been brutal. Here are some cool ideas that might do the trick to cheer up someone you care about ... or even yourself!

Here's something unique that I would LOVE to recieve. This would be a big surprise to get and should be provide a cheery lift to just about anyone. This Personalized Night Sky Print is available through Amazon.

The moon and stars are yours... really! Give us a date and location, we'll calculate the position of the stars, planets and moon and then recreate that night sky on a beautiful fine art print. Separate detailed star map is included naming the constellations, planets and major stars shown on the print. Choose from hundreds of horizon illustrations, and add your own text.


Here's a sweet collectible that's sure to bring a smile to someone's face - a Boyd's "Yesterday's Child" Figurine. It is from The Dollstone Collection and is titled "Teresa and John..The Prayer" and is available at Dad's Books and Things ... but there's only ONE in stock, so if you just love it, you'd better act NOW.

There's some real good information about Boyd's on the site, too.


Who doesn't get a boost from being told they're a 'hot number?' Hot Folks cards and gifts are available from TropiCards.Designs available for: 1 Hot Mama, 1 Hot Papa, 1 Hot Grandma, and 1 Hot Grandpa. Gift items in the design include iPad and iPhone cases, T shirts, hats, tote bags, keychains, coffee and beer mugs, and more.


Is someone in need of a little pampering? No matter who it is, they might be thrilled to be able to pick out a product to pamper themselv with from Bays Beauty Skin Care, where there are products for ladies, gentlemen, and even babies! Gifts for everyone and gift certificates in many denominations.

And Don't Forget the FURBABIES!

There are plenty of cool things for your critters at e-pet Products, form dog treats and cat tunnels, like the ones shown here. to fine finds for your finny friends!