Saturday, January 8, 2011

Oh, Those Crazy Kids - Whatever

Happy Whatever Button button

Oh, those crazy kids! (And somie adults, too, nowadays) One of their favorite replies to almost anything seems to be "Whatver!" Well, there's a new design line at TropiCards that should provoke some thought. It's called "Happy Whatever," and includes cards, pinback buttons like the one shown above, plus a variety of other items. Instead of giving them a Happy Birthday card, give them a Happy Whatever card. Maybe you could wear a Happy Whatever hoodie or other style of shirt. Or, simply hand them a Happy Whatever magnet ... or whatever!

Now, if you like the design, but aren't too crazy about what it says, the text is customizable. So, you can easily replace the words "Happy Whatever" with a name, "Happy Birthday," or any other text that will fit on the design and product. There are also a few items with just the graphic, which is quite pretty all by itself. You'll find all these items in the NAME-YOUR-OCCASION CARDS AND GIFTS area at TropiCards. Here are a few more pictures:

Among the other items available: iPad cases, iPhone 3 and 4 cases, mugs, aprons for cooking, gadening, or barbequeing, postage stamps, address labels, round stickers, children's shirts, coasters, and necklaces.

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