Sunday, November 7, 2010

Is There a Barbie Lover at Your House?

If there's a Barbie lover at your house, you can make her day extra special with licensed Barbie products from Zazzle.

Barbie Sunset shirt
Barbie Sunset

Many, many designs, patterns and logos are available in a wide assortment of product types, from posters (including the one above) to Barbie shirts in short and long sleeved styles including sweat shirts, to keds shoes in lace up or slip-on styles, and two sizes of stickers. Oh, boy, do littlel girls love stickers!  
Barbie sticker

Is there a birthday, or other fun time in the near future for your Barbie girl? She'd probably be thrilled with any of the things you'll find here.

Finally - Here's something that you might not expect to find... pet-clothing! Don't tell me that little sweetie has never tried to dress up the family pet. She has, hasn't she? Well, how thrilled do you think she would be to have a Barbie pet shirt for dolling up the family pooch? And make it even more special by giving it to her with a matching Barbie card Barbie Mermaid 1 petshirtBarbie Mermaid 1 shirt