Saturday, October 23, 2010

Display Their Masterpieces in Style

Butterfly Custom Magnet MM14N r magnet

Did your pre-schooler of kindergardener bring home a masterpiece today?  Did your grandson, or niece or someone send you a handmade card?  Display it proudly with an Artwork Masterpiece Magnet refrigerator magnet from Tropicards!  If desired, you can customize it with their name, like the one shown above.  Or, there are some  nice generic ones to choose from, too.
Orange Multi Magnet MM25 magnetPurple Flourish Custom Magnet MM02 magnet

Visit Tropicards to see more Masterpiece Magnets.   You'll also find some for acadeics, appreciation, and contratulations on a job well done.

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YourPetStoreWithMore said...

Such a great idea! Shared on facebook!