Saturday, July 3, 2010

Summer Fun: Pool and Scuba Parties

Lots of summer activities revolve around the water ... Here are some Summer Fun things I've found that involve being on, in, and around the water, whether it's the ocean, a lake, or at a pool party.

Are you having a Pool Party? Here are some items you might like that will help make it a success. First... Send some really cute invitations! KJs Invitations can help with some real eye-catching ones, including the flip-flop design shown at left. Customize them in a couple of minutes!

Then, how about a great home made dip to go with your chips or crisp veggies? Asked about ssomething for the menu, Valerie, at Cooking Sharp recommended " . . .a cool, savory dip for your summer picnic and party menu. Spinach Artichoke Dip Quick Mix is our top seller - it's convenient, easy to mix, and everyone loves it!"

Want something a little different to wear to your pool party? If you're one of the many who is into vintage, here's a Vintage NAUTICAL INSPIRED 50's Bikini top Swimsuit - Bikini top only. Shop owner, Diana says it's in "Like new condition - looks like it was never worn and never washed." Navy Blue and in a nautical style with white accents. Have a little fun this Summer while you show off your style in this vintage 1950's bikini top.

You could pair it with a slightly longer than knee length sarong style swim cover from Cruise Ready Store... they come in both dark blue and white. These are now, not vintage, but the longer length would certainly fit in with a vintage look.

Scuba alert!

Tucked in among her wedding, nature, and travel photograpy products, Lora Severson Photography has some interesting items with a dive theme, including t shirts, note and thank you cards, binders, mousepads, and even custom postage. For inviting buddies on a dive, there's a scuba flag party invitation. ail the invites using a scuba stamp, and you've got a winner.