Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer Fun: Throw a Pirate Party!

If you have a child with a summer birthday, Pirate parties are quite popular with the younger set these days, I hear. There are lots of possibilities for decorations, and most any grocery store with a bakery department can make a pirate-themed cake. Some even have them pre-made, and just waiting for the child's name to be added.

For invitaions, here are some that I designed, and they come in your choice of three color schemes at TropiCards:

There are matching postaage stamps and envelope seals in each color scheme. (The photo is of a 'pirate' party ship anchored off Grand Cayman.) The invitation is customizable, using an easy fill-in-the-blank form to enter your party information on the back of the invitation:

The stamps come in sheets of 20, and are available in three sizes. Yes - they are legal United States postage! The envelope seals come in sheeets of 20 (1.5 inch envelope seals) or 6 (3 inch stickers). With just a little imagination, you could come up withh some fun ideas for delightful party games using the sticker size!
And for little take-homes, there are also magnets in each color scheme, as well. Kids just LOVE magnets! Now, here's one more idea: A Pirate Treasure Chest Pinata from

Is that cute, or what?