Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Movie and Video Gifts

For the movie buff on your gift list, here are some ideas:

1. Media Center is a great place to buy hard to find VHS format videos. Movies with Drama, Action, Horror, Children, Comedy, Animi & more. Postcards from the Edge, shown at right, is just one example of the many movies available in VHS format.

2. Police Officer Exams Review [VHS tape] video aided instruction - Start thinking like a police officer!
Whether you want to be a homicide detective or a traffic cop, a state trouper or a member of the vice squad, this video program is the first step toward realizing your dream. With this comprehensive study aid, you'll gain a command of the mental skills and attitudes tested on on most city, county, state, and other police agency exams - at your own pace. This user-friendly video reviews the most crucial information you'll need to score high. Find it at Gypsy Queen Media

3. The Apocalypse Video (VHS) Tape - “The year is 90 A.D. and the Roman Emperor has unleashed a virulent campaign against the Christians. Held captive by the Romans, the aged apostle John (Richard Harris) struggles to save Christianity from extinction by sending letters to the Christian communities. Driven by the wish to meet the last living witness of the Lord's passion, the young Christian Irene (Vittoria Belvedere) succeeds in gaining access to John's prison. Entrusting the written record of his visions to her, he begs Irene to spread its message among the Christians. These visions form the content of the Book of Revelation.. To some, they evoke the end of the world; to others, they allude to the spiritual struggles facing Christians of all eras.”
From Gypsy Queen Media

4. Guiding Light - Reva Shayne Lewis - The Scarlet Years Video (VHS) Tape - Starring Kim Zimmer. She set Springfield on FIRE! The original bad girl of Guiding Light - Kim Zimmer shares personal memories and unforgettable moments from Reva's past.

From Gypsy Queen Media