Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Yes, it's yet another shopping blog!

However, this one will be primarily clickable lists to help you find gifts for others from a host of reliable online stores. The lists will begin appearing shortly, and there will be quite a few of them before you absolutely MUST fiish your holiday shopping. We currenetly have a group of folks scouring the net, compiling some great gift lists to help you find something that everyone on YOUR list will just love!

We're working on lists of gift ideas for pet owners, sports lovers, cooks, babies and toddlers, jewelry lovers, and lots more!

We'll also have lists places with free shipping, free gift wrap, and coupon specials. So, start your shopping excursion here!

If you have hard to buy for folks, then,we'd love to know just how we can help... To suggest a list, just leave a comment, asking for "Gift Ideas for ________" (you fill in the blank) and we'll do our best!


maryrussel said...

Very helpful. Thank you so much for taking the time to put this great list together. :)

Diana's said...

What a nice blog !
It is great to have all of these wonderful items all together in one place.

Thank you for searching the web for us and showing us the best :)

Organically Yours,