Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Green and Organic Gifts

The items on this list will please recipients who are mindful of the environment, are 'living green,' or love natural things.

1. Vintage Jewelry - Go green vintage jewelry is eco-friendly. Vintage jewelry is pre owned jewelry dating up to the 1990's. Most will be vintage costume jewelry that is highly collectible and getting harder to find. Find it, and get free shipping, too, at Evie Jewelry.

2. Set-of-6-All-Natural-CedarLavender-muslin-Sachets - 3x5 inch size. Set of 6 All Natural herb-filled 3X5 muslin Sachet for your car, dresser drawer, closet or wherever... also works in the dryer to softly scent your clothes (good for 3-6 loads depending on length of dry time). Filled with real Cedar and chemical-free Lavender buds/petals and just a touch of Essential oils designed to help protect your clothing/vehicle and keep things smelling fresh too. ALL GREEN! Because these are 100% cotton muslin bags AND the contents are 100% natural, the bags and the contents can be composted. From Organic Gifts by Diana

3. Save My Skin Intensive Body Balm in a twist-up tube - Contains – Natural and Unrefined: Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter & Mango butter; Beeswax; and Coconut Oil ; Chemical-free herbs and flowers infused into these oils :Rice Bran,, Avocado, E.V. Olive oil & Neem Essential Oil* After infusion, the herbs/flowers were strained out & the resulting oil is then added to my unrefined base.Vitamin E and a touch of Lavender E.O. were added just before pouring. This balm may be used on dry lips too, but keep in mind this product was not designed to smell or taste good . My products are designed using all natural chemical-free herbs/flowers/butters/oils. By" Organic Gifts by Diana

4. Hand Sewn Neck pillow in a vintage multi-color cotton fabric - This is lightly firm to a medium firm. Stuffed with real lavender buds and a little fiberfill to keep the lavender from bunching up and add to the wearing, comfort, and softness. It is made from a vintage cotton fabric.
BY Diana, of Organic Gifts by Diana